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THERMO TECH TUBE® TYPE S - Single tubing bundle
ThermoTech Tube® provides the ideal solution for building economical and high-quality transport systems. Not only are costs and construction time reduced, but also energy is reduced with this solution.
THERMO TECH TUBE® TYPE ST - Light Steam Traced & Heavy Steam Traced
ThermoTech Tube® Type ST can be applied to water transport sections, and to maintain the temperature and prevent freeing for light oil, paraffin, paraffin-affiliated liquids, and temperature-sensitive chemicals
ThermoTech Tube® Type ET was designed to maintain the temperature and prevent freezing of gases, liquids, and other viscous liquids.
CM TECH’s Customized ThermoTech Tube® provides bundle tubes having specifications that customers want.
We are trying to serve you better by developing the best - quality industrial tubes and pipes based on carefully selected materials and technological development. We are also making efforts for collaborating with overseas companies and continuous development of independent solutions